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Fisher valve

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Fisher valve

Sliding Stem Valves

Straight-pattern (globe), angle-pattern, and three-way valves offer a broad range of types, sizes, and materials--from DN15 to 600 (NPS 1/2 to 24) low-flow valves to DN 500 (NPS 20) and larger for demanding high-pressure steam and hydrocarbon service.

Name Size Class Type Features
Globe Vavles 1/2"-4" CL125-600 EZ Single-port control valves,unbalanced valve plugs and post-guided trim
Globe/Angle Vavles 1/2"-8" CL125-600 ES,EAS Single-port control valves,unbalanced plugs and cage-guided trim
Globe/Angle Vavles 1"-8" CL125-600 ET,EAT,ETR single-port control valves,balanced plugs and cage-guided
Globe/Angle Vavles 1"-8" CL125-600 ED,EAD,EDR single-port control valves have balanced plugs and cage-guided,temperatures up t...
Globe Vavles 4"-12" CL150-900 EW Feature large internal cavities with expanded end connections
Globe Vavles 12"-24" CL150-600 EU E series large size valve
Globe Vavles 1/2"-4" CL150-300 GX Modular design,DVC2000 controller integrated mounting
Globe/Angle Vavles 2"-6" CL2500 CAV4 Used for high pressure difference, anti-cavitation
Globe/Angle Vavles 1"-6" CL900-2500 HP,HPA High pressure,small size valve
Globe/Angle Vavles 1 1/2"-20" CL1500-2500 EH,EHA High pressure,large size valve
Globe Vavles 1/2"-2" CL150-300 24000CVF/SVF Compact and light weight design,bellows Bonnet available,extension bonnets avail...
Globe Vavles 1/2"-1" CL150-1500 24000SB Compact and light weight design,recommended for low flow, high pressure applicat...
Globe Vavles 1/4"-1/2" 3000psi@150°F 51000 Miniature low flow control valve,rugged bolted bonnet design
Three-way Valve 1/2"-2" 400psi@150°F 24003 Control of flow or temperature where mixing or diverting service is required
Three-way Valve 1"-4" CL150-300 GX 3-Way Compact, state-of-the-art control valve and actuator system
Three-way Valve 1/2"-6" CL125-600 YD,YS three-way cage-guided valves,YD balanced valves,YS unbalanced valves
Angle Vavles 2"-6" CL150-2500 461 Self-cleaning, increased outlet, angle valve
Globe/Angle Vavles 1"-2" CL150-2500 D,DA single-port, high -pressure valves are used in oil &gas production,NACE
Globe Vavles 1" CL900 D2 Used as a dump valve on gas separators and scrubbers for on/off control
Globe Vavles 1"-2" CL600-900 D3 Used as a dump valve on gas separators and scrubbers for on-off control
Globe Vavles 1"-2" CL150-1500 D4 Compact, rugged valves designed primarily for high-pressure throttling applicati...
Globe Vavles 1/2"-6" CL150-300 Gulde 5100 Compact,state-of-the-art system designed,3800SA integrally mounts
Globe Vavles 6"-12" CL150-600 Gulde 5400 balanced plugs and cage-guided trim
Angle Vavles 2"-8" CL150-2500 Gulde 5364 Angle valve,anti-severe abrasive conditions or in moderately corrosive environme...
Angle Vavles 1 1/2"x2 1/2",2 1/2".. CL600 Gulde 5366 Pulverized coal conveying valve
Diaphragm Actuators     657,667 Application versatility,high thrust capability,long Service Life
Piston Actuator     585C Large force,long stroke

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