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Fisher valve

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Fisher valve

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Electrical Actuators

EIM was founded in 1949, from EMERSON's leading brand, is the valve automation industry innovation and technology pioneer, the development of many patented technology has been common throughout the valve actuator industry.

HQ Series Electric Actuators        HQ ,        Quarter-turn actuator
The HQ series offers a wide range of options to meet specific actuator requirements and applications. Listed below are a few of the options offered with the HQ actuators: • 4-20mA input signal and output transmitter for position control and feedback, ideal for modulating applications • Rechargeable battery backup (RBB) to permit local and remote fail safe operation, up to five times within one hour • Modbus RTU control card for 2-wire digital network communication • Remote push button stations for applications with limited access to local controls Self-Locking Characteristics The HQ-008 and larger actuators utilize double reduction worm gear drives—bronze worm gears and alloy steel worms. This provides inherent self-locking characteristics with minimum backlash. Motor brakes are not required.
TEC2000 Actuators                    TEC2000     
Both quarter-turn and multi-turn application, broad torque range, using either
Easy-to-read and Understand Local and Remote Display 聞 Local Display Module (LDM) with IconoText screen simultaneously shows simple language and icons for easy setup, diagnostics and parameter checks on two 16-character text lines 聞 Continuous position indication, torque bar graph, moving animation symbol, actuator direction moving and LED status indicators standard 聞 Patented Remote Display Module (RDM) can network two modules up to 4000 feet (1.2 km) from actuator. Ideal for hazardous and inaccessible areas. RDM functions same as the Local Display Module (LDM). One RDM operates using TEC2000’s 24VDC power supply. Second RDM requires 115/220 VAC 聞 Programmable multilingual display to any roman character language offers an intuitive graphical display, real-time access to historical operating logs and is easily configured
M2CP Electric Actuator                M2CP      
Both quarter-turn and multi-turn application, broad torque range, using either 

 M2CP Electric Valve Actuators The strength of ductile iron with the agility of digital control

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