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Fisher valve

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Fisher valve

Relief Valves

Back pressure valve through the discharge high pressure before the valve, to stabilize the upstream pressure, to protect the upper reaches of the equipment and process. The structure has direct action and command and control action can be applied to industrial process gas, air, gas, steam and liquid medium.

Name Size Class Type Features
Relief Valves 1/4"-2"   98 Regulator pressure range 0.14-19bar
Relief Valves 1"-4"   MR108 Regulator pressure range 0.34-20.7bar
Relief Valves 1"-8"   63EG Regulator pressure range 0.69-27.6bar
Relief Valves 2"-8"   63EG-98HM Regulator pressure range 1.0-25.9bar
Relief Valves 1"-6"   EZR Regulator pressure range 1.4-41.4Bar

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