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Rosemount 8700 Magnetic Flowmeter Transmitters

Rosemount ®
8700 Magnetic Flowmeter Transmitters

Technology that Makes a Difference

The Rosemount 8700 Magnetic Flowmeter Transmitters havemultiple diagnostics available. Best-in-Class performance coupled with advanceddiagnostics provide unparalleled process management capabilities. With anoptional backlit Local Operator Interface (LOI), configuration changes andadjustments can be accomplished even in hazardous locations without exposingthe electronics to the environment.

  • Advanced diagnosticsgive unparalleled information about process conditions and meter performance.

  • Dual compartmenthousing design that meets the most stringent international standards andensures reliability in any environment.

  • Isolated LocalOperator Interface (LOI) makes changes in the field safe and easy.

  • Available in anintegral or remote mount design.

    Features &Benefits

  • EasierInstallation with Grounding and Wiring diagnostic

  • EasierMaintenance with coil fault and transmitter fault diagnostics

  • Easierverification with the 8714i Meter Verification diagnostic

  • Improved ProcessManagement

    • Improved Performance

    • Selectable Coil Drive Frequency

    • Advanced Digital Signal Processing

    • High Process Noise Diagnostic

    • Tunable Empty Pipe Diagnostic



Up to ±0.15% of volumetric flow rate accuracy over 13:1 flow turndowns, ±0.25% over 40:1 flow turndown


In Situ Meter Verification, Grounding ⁄ Wiring Fault Detection, High Process Noise Detection, Tunable Empty Pipe Detection, Transmitter Fault Detection, Sensor Fault Detection


•   All Rosemount manufactured Sensors: 8705, 8711, 8721, 8707 
•   Universal capabilities allow E-Series transmitters to be compatible with AC and DC powered sensors from other manufacturers.

Power Supply

90-250 VAC, 50-60 Hz or 12-42 VDC

Power Consumption

15 W maximum - DC
40 VA maximum - AC

Enclosure Rating

•   8732E: Type 4x, IEC 60529, IP66 
•   8712E: Type 4x, IP66


The Rosemount 8700 Magnetic Flowmeter Transmitters have anenvironmentally sealed compartment, making it ideal for harsh environmentinstallations where moisture and contaminant infiltration is possible. Withbest in class performance, the 8700 transmitters provide more accurate andstable measurements in critical applications. In addition, the advanceddiagnostic capabilities provide unparalleled value to users in manyapplications and industries.

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