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Rosemount 8707 High Signal Magnetic Flowmeter System

Rosemount ®
8707 High Signal Magnetic Flowmeter System

Optimized performance in the most difficult slurryapplications

The 8707 High-Signal Sensor, used in conjunction with the8712H High-Signal Transmitter, forms the Rosemount High-Signal MagneticFlowmeter System. This system provides stable flow measurement in the mostdifficult high-noise applications while maintaining the benefits of DCtechnology. The increased signal strength of the Rosemount high-signal system,coupled with advanced signal processing and superior filtering techniques,provides the solution to demanding flow measurement applications.

  • The 8712Hutilizes a convenient well mount, dual compartment enclosure with the world’smost intuitive, easy to use Local Operator Interface (LOI).

  • High-signalSystem reduces process variability by providing the most stable flow outputavailable.

  • Ideal solutionfor the noisiest applications found in the pulp & paper and miningindustries.

    Features & Benefits


  • Faster start-upwith easy to use Local Operator Interface (LOI)

  • Dual calibrationoption to reduce sensor inventory

  • World’s beststability in the most difficult slurry applications

    • Paper Mill Basis Weight flow

    • Paper Mill Black Liquor flow

    • Paper Mill stock flow

    • Mining slurries with high solids concentration (> 30%)



Up to ±0.25% of volumetric flow rate accuracy over 13:1 flow turndowns, ±0.5% over 40:1 flow turndown


Transmitter Faults, Sensor Faults, Empty Pipe Detection 


·         The 8712H can only be used with the 8707 High Signal Sensor. 

·         The 8707 can be used with the 8712H transmitter, or with any E-Series transmitter if the D2 dual calibration option is specified when ordered.

Power Supply

115 V AC ±10%, 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption 

300 watts maximum


The Rosemount High Signal magnetic flowmeter system provides anobstructionless flow measurement that is ideal for metering conductiveslurries. Because of the unique design, the Rosemount High Signal FlowmeterSystem combines the best attributes of traditional AC magnetic flowmetersystems with the stability and performance benefits of the pulsed DCtechnology. The result is the most reliable and stable flow measurement signalin the most difficult of slurry applications

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