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Fisher FIELDVUE DVC6010 Digital Valve Controller

First. Introduction
DVC6000 Series digital valve controller is based microprocessor converts the electrical signal into a pneumatic signal meter communication. In addition to the electrical signal into a pneumatic signal that traditional functions, DVC6000 Series digital valve controllers can be used HART communication protocol, easy access to information critical to the operation of the process through. This function can be in the vicinity of the valve or in the field junction box with a 375 Field Communicator or a personal computer in the control room console or system implementation. Utilizing HART communications protocol information can be integrated into the control system or to a single loop basis acquisition.
DVC6000 Series digital valve controllers can be used in single or double-acting actuators. Digital valve controller receives pneumatic pressure valve stroke position feedback as well as air pressure and actuator. This allows the instrument to diagnose not only itself, but also to diagnose valve and actuator it is mounted. This provides an economical and effective information for you, so when you actually need to be able to make the necessary instruments and valves.
Wiring is economical because DVC6000 Series digital valve controller with 2-wire loop-powered 4-20mA's. This is a low cost to replace the existing instruments supporting the proposed amount of preparation conditions. DVC6000 Series digital valve controllers 2-wire design features to avoid the high cost of laying power and signal separated line.
Second, classification and application
Valve mounted directly on the product:
DVC6010: applied linear stroke control valve
DVC6020: Rotary and long-stroke applied to linear control valve stroke
DVC6030: 90 degree rotation is applied to control valve
Remote Installation products:
DVC6005: Basic unit for 2-pipe or wall installation
DVC6015: Feedback unit used in valve straight trip
DVC6025: Feedback unit used in the rotary valve stroke and long stroke linear
DVC6035: Feedback unit used in the rotary valve 90
Third, the input signal
Point mode:
Analog input signal: 4-20mA DC standard; provides split-range capability requires a minimum voltage at the terminals of the meter must be obtained 10.5 VDC for analog control, while the HART communication minimum voltage of 11 V DC (see instruments guide book)
Minimum Control Current: 4.0mA
Minimum current without causing the microprocessor to restart: 3.5mA
Maximum voltage: 30 V DC
Overcurrent protection: input circuit limits the current to prevent internal damage
Reverse polarity protection: No damage will occur reverse loop current
Instrument Power Supply: 8mA when about 11-30 volts DC
Reverse polarity protection: No damage will occur reverse loop current
Fourth, the output signal
Pneumatic actuator signal requirements, up to 95% of the maximum gas pressure
Minimum range: 0.4bar (6psig)
Maximum range: 9.5bar (140psig)
Fifth, the mode of action
Double-acting, single acting positive-acting, single-acting reaction formula
Sixth, electromagnetic interference (EMI) (6) according to IEC 61326-1 (version 1.1) testing, comply with the emission intensity level A (industrial environment) and Level B (home environment) equipment, according to the plant area Immunity requirements.
Seven, Electrical Classification
Available in line with CSA, FM, CENELC and SAA standards of proof, Intrinsically Safe, Division 2 and fire structure. See Hazardous area classifications sample 9.2: 001 series and 9.2: 002. According to ANSI / ISA-82.02.01-1999 (IEC610101-1 Mod) Standard pollution degree 2, overvoltage category III.
Eight, housing electrical rating
Comply with NEMA 4X, CSA IEC60529, lP66.
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