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Fisher Positioners

Fisher positioner 3582/3582i Electro Pneumatic positioner

Product Description

  Fisher® 3582i electro-pneumatic, single-acting positioner is used with diaphragm-actuated, sliding-stem control valve assemblies. The electro-pneumatic valve positioner receives an electronic input signal from a control device and modulates the supply pressure to the control valve actuator, providing an accurate valve stem position that is proportional to the pneumatic input signal received from a control device.

  • Accurate, Efficient, Vibration-Resistant Operation—3582 and 3582i positioners offer a field-proven positioner design which is accurate, fast-responding and able to withstand the vibrations of most plant environments. Low steady-state air consumption contributes to efficient operation.
  • Rangeability—Both 3582 and 3582i positioners provide split range capabilities. The range of the adjustable zero and span permits the use of all standard input signals including split ranges.
  • Simplified Spare Parts Inventories—Because units from one positioner family can be used in a variety of control applications, basic spare parts inventory requirements are simplified and fewer spare parts are needed to support a plant-wide positioner applications base.
  • Easy Positioner Adjustments—With the cover removed, zero and span adjustments are easily accessible and can be made with a screw driver.
  • Stable Operation—Changes in supply pressure and valve load have minimal effect on positioner operation.
  • Corrosion Resistance—Case, components, and gasket materials withstand harsh environments. Positioner bleed air purges internal parts for additional protection.
  • Field Reversible—Simple adjustments permit switching between direct and reverse action.
  • Control Valve Diagnostic Testing Capability—To support diagnostic testing of valve/actuator/positioner packages with the FlowScannerTMvalve diagnostic system, connectors, piping, and other hardware can be installed between the 3582 or 3582i and the actuator.
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