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Micro Motion

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Micro Motion

Micro Motion T-Series Straight Tube Full-bore Coriolis Flow

Micro Motion ®
T-Series Straight Tube Full-bore Coriolis Flow and Density Meters

Superior flowmeasurement in a single straight tube flow meter

  • Built-in balancebar provides the best single straight tube mass flow measurement to reducevariability in process control

Comprehensivehygienic application coverage

  • Easy to CIP andSIP with EHEDG certified, 3-A authorized, ASME BPE design

  • Diameter matchesstandard process tubing for draining in any orientation

  • Fast productchange-over with self-draining design and no profile effects

  • Single flow pathis easy to clean mechanically

  • Highly-polishedsurface finish for ultra-pure fluids


  • No moving partsto wear or replace minimizes maintenance for long-term reliability

Micro Motion T-Series meters offer superior flow measurementin a single, straight-tube, full-bore meters design.  Featuring alltitanium wetted parts for excellent corrosion resistance, the T-Series isself-draining with a flow path that resists plugging and can be pigged.

The T-SeriesCoriolis Flow & Density Meters are compatible with the followingtransmitter:

  • Direct inlinemeasurement of mass flow, density, concentration, and volume flow andtemperature from a single device

  • Immune to fluid,process, or environmental effects for superb measurement confidence

  • Highly robust,suitable for installation anywhere with no flow conditioning or straight piperun required

  • No movinginternal parts results in no maintenance or repair



Mass flow accuracy

+/-0.15% of flow rate

Volume flow accuracy

+/-0.25% of flow rate

Gas flow accuracy

+/- 0.50% of flow rate

Density accuracy

+/-0.002 g/cc (+/-2.0 kg/m3)

Wetted parts

Titanium ASTM Grade 9

Temperature rating

-60° to 300º F (-50° to 150º C)

Pressure rating

1450 psi (100 bar)

* Listed specifications may vary with sensor or transmitter model.





English Units

Metric Units

English Units

Metric Units


1/4 to 1/2 inch  

6 to 13 mm

25 lb/min

680 kg/h


1/2 to 3/4 inch

13 to 19 mm

140 lb/min

3,800 kg/h


3/4 to 1 inch

19 to 25 mm

500 lb/min

14,000 kg/h


1 to 1-1/2 inch

25 to 40 mm

1,100 lb/min

30,000 kg/h


1-1/2 to 2 inch

40 to 50 mm

3,200 lb/min

87,000 kg/h


Micro Motion T-Series Coriolis meters deliver outstanding performance in a single, straight-tube meter design and ideally suited for hygienic applications. 


·         Batch Control

·         Bio-Reactor Feeds

·         Blending

·         CIP/SIP Processes

·         Concentration and Density Measurements

·         Filling & Dosing

·         Gases

·         High Purity Fluids

·         Mass Balance

·         Oil Field Services Stimulation Fluids

·         Process Control

·         Reactor Charging

·         Validated Processes

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