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Azbil/yamatake Absolute Pressure Type Model GTX30A, 60A

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Japan
  • Brand Name: Azbil, yamatake
  • Model Number: Absolute Pressure Type Model GTX30A, 60A
  • high performance: high life
  • Place of Origin:: Japan
  • Brand Name:: Azbil / yamatake
  • Model Number:: Absolute Pressure Type Model GTX30A, 60A
  • Output:: 4...20mA PROFIBUS PA,PROFIBUS
  • Measuring range::10mbar...40bar(0.15psi...600 psi)
  • Process connection:: 1/4-18NPT RC1/4"
  • Max. overpressure limit:: 420bar (6300psi)
  • Measuring Principle:: Differential pressure

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: In Carton
Delivery Detail: 4-6weeks

AT9000 Advanced Transmitter Model GTX

  • Standard Differential Pressure Type
    Model GTX15D, 30D, 40D, 41D, 71D, 32D, 42D, 72D
  • Gauge Pressure Type
    Model GTX60G, 71G, 82G
  • Absolute Pressure Type
    Model GTX30A, 60A
  • Flange Type for Differential Pressure
    Model GTX35F, 60F
  • Remote-Seal Type for Differential Pressure
    Model GTX35R, 40R
  • Remote-Seal Type for Gauge Pressure
    Model GTX35U, 60U, 71U, 82U
  • Remote-Seal Type for Absolute Pressure
    Model GTX30S, 60S


AT9000 Advanced Transmitter is a microprocessor-based smart transmitter that features high performance and excellent stability. Capable of measuring gas, liquid, vapor, and liquid levels, it transmits 4 to 20 mA DC analog and digital signals according to the measured differential pressure.
It can also execute two-way communications between the CommPad (Handy Communicator) or HART® 375 communicator, thus facilitating self-diagnosis, rang resetting, and automatic zero adjustment.


1. High performance and stability
  • Unique characterization and composite semiconductor sensors realize high accuracy up to 0.04%F.S.
  • Fast response within 100 msec.
  • Our proven sensor technology enables Long-term stability up to 0.1% of URL per 10-year.
2. Wide measuring range (range ability)
  • A wide measuring range is available from a single model. This feature is highly effective in taking measurement over a wide range and reducing the need for inventory.
  • Model GTX30D/31D/32D: 0.5 to 100 kPa (range ability: 200 to 1)
3. A diverse lineup
  • A wide range of models is available to meet user requirements. They include draft range differential pressure, standard differential pressure, high differential pressure, standard differential pressure/high static pressure, and high differential pressure/high static pressure models
  • A wide variety of corrosion-resistant materials for wetted parts are also available.


Petroleum / Petrochemical / Chemical
  • For strict flow control in combination with orifice plates.
Electric power / City gas / Other utilities
  • For measurement applications that require high degrees of stability and accuracy.
Pulp and paper
  • For lines that need transmitters resistant to fluid such as chemical liquids and corrosive fluids.
Iron and steel / Nonferrous metal / Ceramics
  • For highly stable, accurate measurements such as furnace pressure measurement.
  • For lines that require stable measurement under strictly controlled (temperature, humidity, etc.) conditions.
Machinery / Shipbuidling
  • For lines that require stable measurement under strictly controlled (temperature, humidity, etc.) conditions.
  • For applications that require highly stable, accurate measurement.
HART® is a registered trademark of the HART Communication Foundation.

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