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Siemens Positioners

Siemens 6DR5010

Technical Parameters 
Setpoint signal: 0 / 4-20mA analog, HART, PROFIBUS PA or FF protocols
Travel range: 3mm - 200 mm
Angle range: 30 ° - 100 °
Ambient temperature: -30 ° C - +80 ° C
The required air quality: compliance with ISO 8573-1 class 2
Maximum air consumption in steady state <0.036 m3n / h
 Type: non-hazardous, non-HART, for general applications
Type: Single-acting, plastic housing
Electrical connection: M20 * 1.5
product description
SIPART PS2 is currently the most widely used industrial process for linear and angular positioning of the actuators. It is not without reason, it's proven universal design has a particularly flexible stroke range, intelligent diagnostics via HART, PROFIBUS PA or FF communication. These have repeatedly proved that it is undoubtedly the most correct choice.
In Macrolon, aluminum or stainless steel housing design SIPART PS2 positioner is suitable for all applications. Standard design with IP66 or NEMA 4x degree of protection, they can resist the harshest environments. SIPART PS2 is also available with EExd IIC T4-T6 level of protection flameproof enclosure.
SIPART PS2 shows its good side in dialogue and communication advanced system. Via PROFIBUS PA, FF or HART protocol, it can be integrated into the communication range. It is also to clearly display and record storage trends, histograms, commissioning and operation of data applications SIMATIC PDM.
If you want to use the locator to test your solenoid valve or replace its function, SIPART PS2 with a smart stop solenoid valve closed or monitoring on / off valve.
By a regular partial stroke test, SIPART PS2 ensure that in emergencies and other ESD valve open / close valve is maintained automatically movable. Subsidiary solenoid valve can also be tested.
SIPART PS2 is equipped with extensive diagnostic functions. To advance warnings costly failures during operation, our positioners continuously check the actuator and valve.
SIPART PS2 series intelligent electric valve positioner compared with conventional products, there are many independent
Special and practical advantages, such as:
• Simple installation, automatic initialization (zero and travel range of automatic adjustment)
• Easy
- Using three buttons and two-line LCD display enables simple operation and programming
- Programming via SIMATIC PDM
• quality control procedures from the online adaptation
• Negligible air consumption when steady state operation
• "tight shut-off" function (ensures maximum positioning seat pressure)
• simple configuration can be achieved by a number of functions (for example, refer to quantify and limit)
• Self-diagnosis for valves and actuators
• linear and rotary actuators use the same type of valve positioner
• fewer moving parts, therefore insensitive to vibration
• In extreme ambient environment, you can select the external non-contact position sensor
• "intelligent solenoid valve" partial stroke test and solenoid valve function (single-acting positioners)
• partial stroke testing, for example, can be used for safety valve
• SIL 2 certification
• Available Gas Workers
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