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Circuit Breakers

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Circuit Breakers

SecoVac VB2-12 type vacuum circuit breaker

Brand: US General Electric Company
Origin: USA United States
Advantages: Vacuum
SecoVac VB2-12 type vacuum circuit breaker features:
GE Industrial Systems carefully designed and manufactured SecoVac VB2-12 series circuit breaker is a three-phase AC 50Hz, rated voltage of 12V indoor devices for industrial and mining enterprises, power plants and substations for electrical equipment control and protection purposes, especially for frequent place operation. Products meet national standards GB 1984 (equivalent to IEC 62271-100) and industry standard DL / T 403. Breaker can be either fixed in the form of switch cabinet installation, and can be installed in a small car withdrawable. VB2-12 vacuum circuit breakers reliable performance, easy installation, high-voltage transmission and distribution system to control and protect the best choice.
Features and Benefits
High-end three-dimensional computer-aided design (Pro-engineer) and Dynamic Simulation and Optimization (Pro-mechanical)
· Optimization of electromagnetic field distribution design, local overheating and partial discharge minimum
· Advanced miniaturization, high-performance vacuum interrupter, the use of longitudinal rotating magnetic field interrupter principle, the beginning of the performance is extremely stable
· Extremely superior, extremely reliable insulation performance, passed the condensation test, suitable for operation under harsh environmental conditions, and has a higher creepage distances and clearances than the IEC and GB standards
Reliable grounding to ensure that the circuit breaker from the working position to the test position ground continuity
· By 1.1 times the rated current temperature rise test