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Circuit Breakers

ZN85-40.5 handcart type vacuum circuit breaker

Brand: US General Electric Company
Origin: USA United States
Advantages: Vacuum
ZN85-40.5 high voltage vacuum circuit breaker, the rated line voltage 40.5KV, three-phase AC 50HZ indoor high voltage switchgear of. Circuit breaker handcart type structure, and supporting the use of KYN61-40.5 switchgear, circuit breakers reliable interlock unit configured to meet the "Five Anti" protect the user. Function. Related products: isolation handcart, fuse with lightning arrester and PT handcart handcart.
I. Overview
ZN85-40.5 high voltage vacuum circuit breaker interrupter high insulating properties to meet the high altitude of 3,000 meters within the area requirements. Breaker composite insulation structure to meet the insulation requirements under normal operating conditions. And effectively reduces the volume of the circuit breaker, the overall layout is reasonable, beautiful, simple.
Actuator with spring operating mechanism specifically designed for the output curve interrupter requirements fit well. Its performance is more suitable for the characteristics and requirements 40.5K vacuum circuit breakers, high reliability, long life, easy maintenance, body maintenance. Circuit breaker using screw nut propulsion device with clutch, can easily switch cabinet mobile trolley, the trolley is against precise stroke range; supporting mandatory mechanical locking methods to meet Switchgear "Five Anti" functional requirements.
Second, the performance requirements
1, ZN85-40.5 circuit breaker in line with GB, DL and IEC standards.
2, the circuit breaker spring operating mechanism, control and operating voltage DC220V. Control voltage fluctuation range of +10 to -15%.
3, handcarts forward, out of flexible and convenient, the instrument room no impact.
4, the same type and size trolley with good interchangeability.
5, the main circuit isolation contacts the surface of silver, moving contact with spring contacts bundled plum, avoid dynamic and static contact misalignment contact resistance increases.
6, phase and relative air distance not less than 300 mm, if not reach the site of the composite insulation 7, the insulating member creepage distance by condensation type considered, porcelain insulation ≥18㎜ / KV, organic insulation ≥ 20 mm / KV
8, the insulator having a high hydrophobicity, the device during use, will not reduce the mechanical and dielectric strength.
9, and with the switchgear can be achieved to prevent misuse requirement: to prevent misclassification, error breaker; prevented with load forward, pull the handcart; prevent the grounding switch live together; with grounding switch to prevent transmission; prevent mistakenly charged interval . Mechanical and electrical locking preferred mechanical locking using electrical locking mechanical locking can not be achieved at the time.
10, the use of vacuum bubbles Chengdu Kai Saier company, the warranty period in the circuit breaker switch vacuum gas bubble dew, damage and other problems the supplier shall provide timely on-site installation or replacement, to guarantee proper operation.
11, in the striking position of each trolley, have nameplate content meets DL403 standards, legible, with climate-proof, anti-corrosion material.
12, transport and storage of the circuit breaker response may occur less favorable air temperature and humidity conditions, to take appropriate preventive measures.
Third, quality assurance and laboratory
1, the factory should have factory inspection reports, certification, installation manual.
2, the circuit breaker before delivery in accordance with relevant national standards project-by-station testing and experimentation.
Fourth, transport packaging
Breaker according to the pertinent requirements for transport packaging, the internal anti-collision measures, packaging indicate in detail prohibition signs.