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Circuit Breakers

VS1 (ZN63A) -10 fixed vacuum circuit breaker

Brand: US General Electric Company
Origin: USA United States
Advantages: Vacuum

VS1 (ZN63A) -12 type indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker installation, commissioning
1, VS1 (ZN63A) from the breaker box lifting hook should be hung on the circuit breaker lifting hole clearly marked, and must not move when the upper and lower arm outlet force, but should not allow the circuit breaker by comparing big shock and vibration.
NOTE: Before the formal cabinet into operation, as required to remove the lifting device.
2, VS1 (ZN63A) breaker factory before undergo a rigorous factory testing, the parameters are in line with technical requirements. Primary circuit subject to the following preparatory work before electricity.
a, the circuit breaker for damage, if damaged, please stop using it.
b, remove dirt, especially insulating surface, dirt due process caused by transportation or storage can affect the performance of the insulation product.
c, manually operate according to the rules stored energy circuit breaker, closing and opening, to observe the state of the energy storage, switching position indication is normal.
d, with the operation of the power circuit breaker operating energy storage, closing and opening, to observe the state of the energy storage, switching position indication is normal.
e, handcart type breaker, proceed as follows:
The propulsion handle inserted into the hole in advance, in order to promote the clockwise rocking, rocking counterclockwise to exit. Total travel advance
Phenomenon may occur during the operation
the reason
Not switch
1, in the discharged state
2, the state has been in the closing position
3, handcart type breaker is not fully into the working position or test position
4, the choice of closing lockout and the auxiliary power supply is not turned back below the technical requirements
5, the second line is not accurate
We can not advance Release
1, the circuit breaker in the closing state
2, propel lever is not fully inserted into the hole advance
3, propelling mechanism is not completely to the test position, causing the tongue and can not unlock the cabinet
4, the cabinet ground interlock unwound
After checking the above reasons, there are still questions, please contact the manufacturer.
3, the official running the rated current of 1600A and above the required level, please remove the insulating cylinder cover.
4, the power frequency voltage insulation test performed.
Second, Maintenance
The company produces VS1 (ZN63A) circuit breakers use a special sliding bearing, using a special surface treatment rust prevention technology, equipped with long-lasting grease, under normal conditions of use, 10--20 years do not need maintenance, but due to differences in the use of the environment still need to carry out the necessary inspection and maintenance work.
1, depending on the working environment 6 - breaker body to respond within 12 months of appropriate checks. After the visual inspection, the need for some of the equipment filthy damp surface clean with a dry cloth to wipe the surface of the insulating member, then moistened with cleaning agent sopped other silk waste (note that the cleaning agent can be applied to plastic or synthetic plastics material).
2, when the circuit breaker long-term placement, the circuit breaker movable portion may generate block deal breaker at least five times per year of storage and closing and opening operations.
3 deal breaker at least once a year an insulation test to determine whether the vacuum interrupter circuit breaker leak or other external causes reduced dielectric strength.
4, for frequent operation place, attention should be strictly controlled within the operating frequency range of technical conditions can not continue to be used after the life beyond.
Third, the configuration
1, VS1 (ZN63A) -12 secondary vacuum circuit breaker control voltage:
   DC220 AC220V DC110V AC110V
2, the second control optional configurations:
2.1 locking device: the role - to prevent closing at the secondary control power is not turned on or below the technical requirements situation.
2.2 overcurrent device: the role - in the primary circuit overload or short-circuit conditions, by overcurrent relay coil is energized so that the flow through the action, so that the circuit breaker. Usually applied to the A, C phase, there are three phases added. When the secondary current transformer output capacity is sufficient, use indirect overcurrent release program, there are two kinds of 3.5A and 5A, when the secondary current transformer output capacity is insufficient to provide overcurrent tripping electromagnet needs, intermediate transformer selection program. Intermediate transformer terminals 2.4 and 2.5 VS1 overcurrent tripping electromagnet connected on.