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Other Products

GE Low Voltage AC DV-300 Standard Drive Controller

The DV-300 is a three phase, six-pulse converter which is available in either non-regenerative or fully regenerative design. This drive precisely regulates motor speed, current and field (field weakening and field economy are standard).


NOTE:  We have announced the change in status for DV-300 DC Drive from ACTIVE to PHASE OUT.   It is anticipated that DV-300 DC Drive will remain in this PHASE OUT status until December, 31st, 2014.  Your GE account manager can provide further assistance.  


Features and Benefits

  • Easy start-up and tuning with keypad programming and GE Toolbox software 
  • Handles difficult applications and complex operations with addition of Digital General Function (DGF) card 
  • Manages wide range of advanced communications


  • Textiles 
  • Rubber and Plastics
  • Paper Converting
  • Metal Processing
  • Plastics Converting
  • Machine Tools
  • Corrugating
  • Material Handling
  • Wire Drawing


  • DV-300 Regenerative/Reversing
    230 VAC    5-600 Hp
    460 VAC     10-1250 Hp
  • DV-300 Non-Regenerative/Non-Reversing
    230 VAC    5-700 Hp
    460 VAC     10-1250 Hp

Options & Accessories

  • Digital General Function Card
    Card allows user to implement high performance software for specific applications such as winders, position control, PID functions, etc.
  • DeviceNet Option Board
    Requires the use of the DGF card. Allows communication between a master DGF card and up to 63 slave DGF cards. Provides drive control and diagnostics. 
  • SBI DeviceNet Option Board
    Allows communication between a master and up to 63 slaves. Provides drive control and diagnostics. (DGF card not required). 
  • Profibus-DP Bus Communication Option Card 
    Allows connection to the Profibus fieldbus network. Provides drive control and diagnostic capability. 
  • Interbus-S Bus Communication Option Card 
    Allows connection to the Interbus fieldbus network. Provides drive control and diagnostic capability. 
  • RS 485/232 Converter
    Converter module that allows connection between the RS 232 serial output of a computer and the RS 485 input of the AV-300 or DV-300. This unit allows for single or multi-drop connection. 
  • Digital Encoder to Sinusoidal Converter 
    Allows the adaptation, galvanic separation, and connection of a digital encoder to the input XE1 on the drives. XE1 is supplied as a connection for a sinusoidal encoder. 
  • I/O Expansion Option Board 
    Allows the addition of four digital inputs, four digital outputs, and two analog outputs. It is possible to connect two of these per drive. 
  • Keypad Programmer
    Allows the configuration of the drive without the need for a PC. Enable, disable, start/stop, monitor, and configure the drive using the two line LCD display. 
  • External Keypad Mounting Kit 
    Allows for the remote mounting of the keypad. Includes a two meter cable, template, and mounting plate for door mounting. 
  • Win+Drive
    A Windows based graphic programming tool used to develop custom regulator schemes, special sequencing operations, and many other drive control applications. Used in conjunction with the Digital General Function Card