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35KV/110KV lightning arrester

Zinc oxide arrester arrester is excellent protection performance. Good use of zinc oxide nonlinear voltage characteristic, so that during normal operation voltage flowing through the arrester current is very small (milliamps or microamps); when over-voltage is applied, the resistance drops sharply, let the energy drain voltage, to protect the results. This difference lightning arrester and tradition is that it does not discharge gap, nonlinear characteristics of zinc oxide discharge and played the role of breaking.
Zinc oxide arrester tester introduced: the use of microcomputer sampling, control and other advanced technology to measure the zinc oxide surge arresters in the whole frequency voltage current, the third harmonic, resistive current, resistive current peak capacitive current, active power Wait.
1. Press Voltage Rating
MOA by nominal voltage classification, can be divided into three categories:
High pressure class; it refers to more than 66KV grade zinc oxide arrester products can be broadly divided into 500kV, 220kV, 110kV, 66kV four grade levels.
MV class; it refers to 3kV ~ 66kV (66kV range of products not included) MOA product range, can be divided into 3kV, 6kV, 10kV, 35KV four voltage levels.
Low pressure type; it means 3KV the following (not including 3kV range of products) zinc oxide arrester products can be broadly divided into 1kV, 0.5kV, 0.38kV, 0.22kV four voltage levels.
2. Press the nominal discharge current points
MOA by nominal discharge current can be divided into five categories 20,10,5,2.5,1.5kA.
3. USE
MOA use can be divided into systems with line type, type of power plant systems, power distribution systems type, parallel compensation capacitor bank protection type, type of electrified railway, motor and the motor neutral point type, seven-transformer neutral point class.
4. by the structure
MOA according to the structure can be divided into two categories;
Porcelain jacket; porcelain MOA by anti-contamination performance is divided into four grades, Ⅰ level of ordinary type, Ⅱ grade for use in moderate contamination areas (creepage distance 20mm / KV), Ⅲ grade for use in heavy contamination areas (creepage distance 25mm / kV), ⅳ grade for use especially heavy contamination areas (creepage distance 31mm / kV).
Composite coat; composite jacket MOA is a composite material made of silicone rubber jacket, and use high-performance zinc oxide varistor, using a special internal structure, assembled with advanced technology method, a silicon rubber material and zinc oxide varistor dual advantages. This series of products in addition to having all the advantages of porcelain jacket MOA, the other having insulation properties, high resistance to contamination performance, good explosion-proof performance and small size, light weight, usually no maintenance, unbreakable, reliable sealing, anti-aging advantages of excellent performance.
5. Press the structural performance of sub-MOA performance can be divided according to the structure; no gap (W), with a series gap (C), with a parallel gap (B) categories.