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ZW32-12 outdoor pole switch

First, product overview
1, the main use
ZW32-12 type outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) is the rated voltage 12KV, three-phase AC 50HZ outdoor power distribution equipment. The load current, overload current and short circuit current are mainly used in the power distribution system. Applicable for protection and control in substation and miners in enterprise power distribution system, is more suitable for rural power grid and frequent operation, is especially suitable for the needs of city network, the transformation of rural power grids.
The installation instructions provided for the main technical parameters of the circuit breaker, product structure, and operation, installation, use and maintenance of the principles and methods, etc..
2, reference standards
GB1984-1989 "AC high voltage fuse"
GB/T11022-1999 "high voltage switchgear and control equipment standard common technical requirements"
GB311.1-1997 "insulation coordination for high voltage transmission and distribution equipment"
Mechanical test of high voltage switch equipment at room temperature by CB3309-1989
DL403 "10-35KV indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker ordering technical conditions"
3, the use of environmental conditions
A, not more than 2000 meters above sea level
B, ambient air temperature: -45 to +40
C, wind speed is not greater than 35m/s
D, pollution level: grade IV
E, installation place: non flammable, explosive risk, chemical corrosion sites
F, earthquake intensity is not more than 8
4, the main features
1) circuit breaker using three-phase pillar structure, with a stable and reliable performance, no combustion and explosion hazards, maintenance free, small size, light weight and long service life, etc..
2) circuit breaker with fully enclosed structure, good sealing performance, to improve the moisture-proof, anti condensation performance, and is suitable for use in hot and humid regions.
3) three-phase pillar and current transformer by imported outdoor epoxy resin solid insulation, with high and low temperature resistance, resistance to ultraviolet, aging characteristics.
4) operating mechanism with spring operating mechanism for miniaturization, closing low energy consumption; transmission mechanism directly by transmission mode, different with small switching components and high reliability. The operating mechanism is arranged in the sealed mechanism box, which solves the problem of the corrosion of the mechanism and improves the reliability of the mechanism.
5) switching operation of circuit breaker by manual or electric operation and remote operation. Can be matched with the controller to achieve power distribution automation, but also can be matched with the controller to form a coincidence device.
6) the breaker can be installed in a two-phase or three-phase CT, information analysis for current automatic tripping protection and intelligent controller.
7) circuit breaker weight 100KG or so.
Two, product structure and working principle
1, structure
The circuit breaker is composed of a vacuum arc extinguishing chamber, an operating mechanism and a supporting part.
2, operating mechanism and working principle
1) circuit breakers can be operated by manual operation mechanism, electric operation mechanism or permanent magnetic actuator.
2) working principle
The circuit breaker operated by the operating mechanism drives the output crank arm and three-phase transmission rod, the switch on. After the circuit breaker closing, pulling the manual brake ring or to tripping coil voltage is applied, drive rod under the sub gate spring drive, circuit breaker tripping.
In operation, when the line current exceeds the set value, the over current coil moves, so that the split half shaft turns, so that the circuit breaker is divided into the gate, so as to protect the circuit and equipment.