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GW4-40.5 High Voltage Outdoor Isolating Switch

Brand: US General Electric Company
Origin: USA United States
Advantages: Vacuum
GW14 series outdoor isolation switch for the outdoor high-voltage power distribution equipment line for line in the no-load voltage when do the switching actuator for the device.
Isolation switch for:
Not more than 3000 meters above sea level.
Ambient temperature is not higher than +40 degrees and no less than -30 degrees. Note: When the altitude and the ambient temperature can not meet the above conditions, according to GB311-64 national standards, the use of such isolation switch.
Isolation switch does not apply to:
Conductive or chemical reaction gas, steam place.
There are a lot of dust gathering place.
A fire and explosion hazard areas.
There are places severe vibration or shock (such as the next hammer, excavators, etc.).
GW14 series isolation switch with two ceramic column per pole, respectively mounted on both ends of the bearing base, a cross-link connection (GW4-10 series isolation switch only a ceramic column mounted on the base end of the bearing, another ceramic column fixture at the other end of the base) can be rotated horizontally.
GW14 series isolation switch conductive knife in half, are fixed on top of two ceramic columns, horizontally divided closing, contact contacting place is in the middle of two ceramic column, with the operating mechanism of operating a ceramic column and conductive rotating 91 degrees, and another ceramic column conductor is also rotated by the drive rod 91 degrees, (GW14-10 series isolation switch actuator when the operating mechanism, only turn in ceramic column conductor and the base end of the rotation bearing 91 degrees, the other end), thus opening or closing the same knife Pianxiang side direction.
GW14-10 series isolation switch actuator is equipped with CS11-1 type practicing hand actuator.
GW14-15 series isolation switch actuator is equipped with CS11-1 type practicing hand actuator.
GW14-40.5 series isolation switch with actuator with CS11 type practicing hand actuator.
GW14-126 (72.5) series isolation switch with type actuator with CS11-1 practicing hand actuator.
GW14-40.5D series isolation switch actuator is equipped with CS8-6D type practicing hand actuator.
GW14-126D (40.5D) series isolation switch is equipped with CS8-6D type practicing hand actuator actuator.