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GN19-12 high voltage indoor isolation switch

Brand: US General Electric Company
Origin: USA United States
Advantages: Vacuum
I. Overview
Within GN19-10 series indoor high voltage isolation switch (hereinafter referred to as isolation switch) rated voltage 10KV, three-phase AC 50HZ indoor unit of the case as a no-load voltage points, closing the circuit.
Second, the use of environmental conditions and installation site
a, Hyperion height of not more than 1000 meters
b, ambient temperature is not higher than + 40 ℃, not lower than -30
c, relative humidity less than 90% (+ 25 ℃)
d, no severe vibration, swing or shock place
e, should not seriously affect the isolation switch insulation and conductivity of gases, vapors, chemical deposition, salt spray, dust, dirt and other explosive, corrosive substances.
Isolation switch structure and working principle
Each phase conductive portion GN19-10 / 400,630,1000,1250 isolating switch insulator fixed to the base by two pillars. (GN19-10-10C, 400,630,1000,1250 is a type of post insulators, a sleeve for the porcelain insulator) three-phase parallel installation, touch a conductive part by the knife, static contact, touch base (or conductive rod) Composition . Each knife touch with middle rod insulators were even there. Connected with the spindle rod insulators mounted on the base. Spindle through the handle and the link (user-owned) and CS6-I type practicing hand mechanism connected together even move.
Touch knife composed by the two copper trough, which not only increases the contact knife cooling area, beneficial to reduce the temperature, but also improve the mechanical strength of the touch knife, so to improve the dynamic stability of the switch. Touch one end by a bolt cutter (pivot pin) mounted touch base (or conductive rod). And the other end connected to the stationary contact Department of separable contact blade contact pressure at both ends by a spring to maintain. GN19-10C, 1000,1250 installed at the contact with a magnetic lock plate, the purpose of adding magnetic lock plate, when a large short-circuit currents by enhancing the attractiveness of the knife between the two geometries touch. That increases the contact pressure at the contact, thus increasing the dynamic thermal stability of the switch. GN19-10C / 400,630 disconnector through the current limit is small, so without adding magnetic lock plate.
Undercarriage assembly: the undercarriage, spindle, stopper plate, (stop block) retaining rings and other components. The stopper plate is mainly used to ensure a conductive contact knife "minute", when "together" to get the required end position.