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JDJJ2-35 oil-immersed voltage transformer

Brand: US General Electric Company
Origin: USA United States
Advantages: Vacuum
JDJJ-35, JDJJ1-35, JDJJ2-35 voltage transformer Instructions
I. Overview
This type of voltage transformer single-phase three-winding oil-immersed outdoor type products. Suitable for AC 50Hz, 35kV neutral point is not directly grounded power system, supply voltage, energy and power measurement and relay protection of power supply and signaling devices.
This type of voltage transformer primary winding line for neutral grounding use, so different across the winding insulation level, the line side (A side) is fully insulated, and the ground terminal (X terminal) is not completely insulated, A by the end of 35kV porcelain sets of leads, X by the end of 10kV Bushing (JDJJ-35) leads, or with 1kV grade porcelain (JDJJ1-35) leads, or via 0.5k grade porcelain (JDJJ2-35 type) leads, and the secondary winding residual voltage windings, respectively 1kV grade porcelain (JDJJ-35 type and JDJJ1-35 type) leads, or respectively 0.5kV grade porcelain (JDJJ-35 type) leads.
The voltage transformer can withstand a phase due to overvoltage caused no damage. This type of voltage transformer must be three sets, its winding connection shown above:
Second, the structure Introduction
This type of voltage transformer core made of silicon steel strip folded, three-column core type. In column three sets of winding, a residual voltage winding, secondary winding and primary winding. Residual voltage winding on the tape cartridge, a cardboard outsourcing, then around the secondary winding. The outermost is the primary winding. A side outlet fully insulated, X terminal grounded outlet (cannula leads).
The body of the core with the clamps fixed on the cover, equipped with primary and secondary casing cover and so on. JDJJ-35 model is equipped with the conservator in the lid, JDJJ1-35 and JDJJ2-35 type in a sleeve provided with the conservator.
Third, the technical data
JDJJ-35, JDJJ1-35, JDJJ2-35 type voltage transformer technical data table.
Note: The performance of the residual voltage winding voltage transformer as follows:
1, when the secondary winding no-load residual voltage winding shall comply with the requirements of accuracy class secondary level 3.
2, the three voltage transformer primary and secondary windings are Y0 / Y0-12, residual voltage windings connected in open triangle in the secondary winding is connected with Level 1, rated load (COSφ = 0.8), residual voltage winding level 3 is connected with the rated load, and be balanced in the primary winding rated voltage, when the primary winding of a wire end and midpoint shorted, open delta voltage between both ends of the residual voltage winding 90 ~ 110V.
Fourth, the scope and working conditions
1, this manual applies to JDJJ-35, JDJJ1-35 and JDJJ2-35 type outdoor voltage transformer unit.
2, the product is suitable for 50 or 60 Hz power control system, the maximum value of its natural variations in ambient temperature is + 40 ℃, mounted at a height of 1,000 meters above sea level, and can be installed in humid tropical climate of the place, the presence of land with condensation and mold, the air relative humidity less than 95%, but not suitable for installation in the following environments:
(1) corrosive gases, vapors or local sediment;
(2) conductive dust (carbon powder, metal powder, etc.) in place;
(3) possible fire and explosion hazard place;
(4) there is strong vibration or shock effect of the place.
Check Fifth, use of front
1, qualified products are equipped with transformer oil, if in accordance with the following conditions, not by the drying process can be used.
(1) determine the electrical strength of the oil, and chemical analysis of oil, when oil sample temperature should not be lower than + 10 ℃, oil samples should not be less than the electrical strength of 35kV and indeed without the presence of moisture.
(2) If the measured insulation resistance value than the factory test coil is not less than 30% or more, factory records referred to in insulation resistance temperature can be converted to the following table when using the measured values ​​of temperature.
(3) For Boxed Product body of inspectors, exposed in the air is not greater than the time
12 hours - dry weather (60% relative humidity);
8 hours - and wet weather (relative humidity 75%);
Electrical strength (4) oil conservator should reach normal oil, if found to reduce the oil surface, the conservator should be from the top of the oil into the Saiga dried transformer oil, transformer oil injected with standard electrode test numeric value should not be less than 40kV.
(5) Check no loose screws and nuts.
(6) Test:
a, measuring coil DC resistance, the difference between its value and the value of the products listed in the certificate should not exceed ± 5%.
b, and measuring no-load current consumption (as much as possible), the difference between the value of the product listed in the certificate which should not exceed ± 30%.
If the results meet the above requirement, the hanging out of the body of the inspection may be.
2, the body of the drying methods:
(1) in a vacuum processing tank;
(2) circulating hot air drying.
3, with the grounding screw on the fuel tank product, the installation applying appropriate grounding cable, the fuel tank properly grounded, do not allow grounding resistance is too high, resulting in the risk of accidents.
Six, maintenance
1, the product is operating must be checked on a regular basis, whether the various components of the fuel tank leakage, transformer oil is best checked every six months, if found within the oil contains too much water precipitate, shall immediately proceed to test for insulation and filtered, the test results, such as the oil very bad, shall be thoroughly checked whether the transformer internal fault occurs in a timely manner to correct it.
2, an alternate product, though not used immediately after arrival, still after careful examination, at a fixed location.
3, the product of long-term disabled or stored, when once again want to use, you must check the correct insulation and transformer oil is of good quality with or without the presence of water does not comply with the body of the drying process should be subject to non-oil demand.
VII Notes
1, the product shipped to the installation site should be visually inspected for damage is found (porcelain, glass table surface oil and other wearing part) due to the presence or absence of transport occurs, the transformer should be used to lift the lid welded or welded tank wall hanging mix can not be skewed when lifting transformers, and not to pay attention to the vulnerability of the hook portion of a metal such as spreaders and porcelain and other collide, and should avoid impact shock and so on.
2, if only in an urgent need to allow for hanging the body of the transformer internal inspection and should be in a dry house.
3, if the issues of a need to be removed when the porcelain should be symmetrical, uniform, porcelain Loosen nuts can not unscrew a single.