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Azbil/Yamatake Positioners

High quality original valve positioner AVP203

        valve positioner AVP203


SVP3000 Alphaplus models AVP203 are current-pneumatic smart valve positioners. The SVP3000 Alphaplus receives a DC current singnal from control devices and controls pneumatic valves. In addition to this basic function, the SVP3000 Alphaplus has communication capabilities, automatic configuration program, and self diagnostics functions that will greatly increase productivity and the efficiency of plant operation. The model AVP203 has a valve travel transmitter function which transmits a 4-20 mA DC signal.

Easy to use:

  • Auto setup:  The auto-setup function is a fully-automatic configuration program which specifies the actuator and adjusts the zero and span of the valve. The program can be turned on simply from an external switch so that adjustments to the valve can be performed quickly and safely in hazardous areas.
High reliability:
  • Positive seating: The positive seating function completely shuts off the valve if the input signal becomes lower than previously set. This in turn enhances the full shut-off capabilities of the valves.
  • Self-diagnostic: The self-diagnostic function provides with the ability to check the status of the positioner at any time and to alert in case of failure.
Single model for multiple specifications:
SVP Alphaplus · settings can be changed without replacing any parts. A single model can be modified to suit any application.
  • Input range: Configurable to any required range for split range
  • Flow characteristic: Linear, EQ%, Quick opening or custom user characteristics
  • Actuator type: Single or double acting actuator (optional reversing relay required)
Travel transmission:
  • The model AVP203  transmits a 4-20 mA signal proportional to the valve travel. The valve travel can be monitored from the control room.