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Temperature Transmitter

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Temperature Transmitter

YTA610 Temperature Transmitter

  YTA610 Temperature Transmitter
  The YTA610 is the highly accurate temperature transmitter that accepts Thermocouple, RTD, ohms or DC millivolts inputs and converts it to a 4 to 20 mA DC or Fieldbus signal for transmission.
  The YTA610 supports HART® and FOUNDATION fieldbusTM communication protocols.
  HART types are certified as complying with SIL 2 for safety requirement.

  High reliability
  Dual-compartment housing realizes high resistancecapability to harsh environments.
  Variety of sensor inputs
  The type of sensor input is user-selectable from thermocouples (T/C), RTDs, ohms, or DC millivolts.

  Digital communication
  HART protocol revision is 7 and FOUNDATION fieldbusTM ITK vesion is 6.2.
  The instrument configuration can be changed by the user with using the Fieldmate or Handheld terminal.
  Local Parameter Setting
  Parameter configuration by the push button offers easy and quick setup for parameters.

  Self-diagnostics function
  Continuous self-diagnostics capability ensures longterm performance and lower cost of ownership.

  Dual universal inputs
  Dual input can accept two thermocouple, RTD,ohm or DC millivolt inputs. Differential or average temperature measurement is selectable. The sensor backup function for automatically switches-over from the primary to the backup upon sensor failure.

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