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Fisher Positioners

Fisher FIELDVUE DVC Digital Valve Controller/Positioner

DVC6000 Series digital valve controllers can be, microprocessor-based electronic communications - electricity conversion instruments. In addition to converting the current signal into pressure signal the traditional functions, DVC6000 Series digital valve controller uses the HART communication protocol, easy access to information critical to process operation.
This can be done using a Model 275 HART Communicator on-site valve or field junction box, or use a computer or a system console that everyone in the control room to carry out. With HART communication protocol, information can be integrated into the control system or to be received on a single loop basis.
DVC6000 Series digital valve controllers can be used in single or double-acting actuators. Digital valve controller accepts feedback valve stroke and detecting pneumatic pressure air supply and the actuator. This allows the instrument to diagnose not only itself, but also to diagnose valve and actuator meter installed. This gives you an economical and effective maintenance information, maintenance of instruments and valves can be carried out only when really needed. Wiring is economical because DVC6000 Series digital valve controller with 2-wire loop-powered 4-20mA's. It can replace existing analog meter at low cost. DVC6000 Series digital valve controllers this design does not require high-cost 2-wire to be routed separately from power and signal lines.
Improved process control ---- two-way digital communications to provide current information on the status of the valve. You can rely on the process to make better management decisions in these real-time information. By AMSValveLink software to analyze the dynamic characteristics of the valve, you may need to improve the control of regional differences and maintain a high level of system performance. Enhanced Security ---- You can check the distance from the working status of instruments and valves, and maintain stable and safe operation of the process. With a HART Communicator, laptops, or workstations, in a safe area field wiring box, wiring board group or in the control room can access device information. Thus, you can minimize the risk of exposure to the environment in time and avoid going near there hard to reach places.
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